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Hello there friends and welcome to the online home of Farnworth Christian Spiritualist Church. Please have a look around the site, maybe having a look at a few of the teaching pages, for example the Protection, Ethics and Discipline pages. Or maybe the community side of the website, our Testimonials page.

If you know someone who is in need of that healing and that loving energy at the moment, place take a minute to place their name onto our Church Facebook page and we shall add them to our prayers.

Our church is a very friendly little place, with a relaxed energy that is open to everyone. If you have never been the church before, don't worry, you are sure to find a warm smile and a friendly welcome when you visit. For more information about upcoming events please see our Specials Page or for information about what is happening within the church check out the News page. Our opening times can be found on the Services page and if you have any suggestions feedback or queries please feel free to get in touch via the Contact Us page.

We hope to see you in church very soon and hope that you have a day filled with love, light and laughter.

F.C.S.C Committee





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