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Birth Stones
Crystal Uses
Chakra Crystals


What are crystals used for?

* Physical Healing
* Meditation
* Emotional Healing
* Protection
* Adornment
* Ornamentation
* Spiritual Work
* Everyday Items
* Gem Elixirs
* Gem Essences

How to select crystals :-  Use any of the methods described below:

* Allow your eyes to look over the crystals available – your eyes will keep on being “pulled back” to the same one.
* Hold your hand approximately one inch above the crystals available.  Move your hand
around slowly and one will want to “stick” to your hand.  This is the crystal for you.
* Close your eyes for a few seconds and think of the condition/person you want the
crystal for.  The first crystal you see will be the one for you. When selecting crystals as a gift for someone else have a sense of that person with you when you select the crystal.

Programming a crystal:

Most crystals can be cleansed using water.  (please check before starting). (For example, Selenite will dissolve when placed in water - this is something we don't want to happen!).
* Allow (slow) running cold water from the tap to cleanse your crystal.  Put it on the
windowsill to dry in the natural light of the sun/moon.  When you pick up the crystal you must programme it for what you want it to help you with i.e. meditation, healing, upliftment etc.  You can do this by saying a prayer in your head asking the crystal to help you with …………. Only use a crystal for one purpose at a time.  
* Recharge your crystal form time to time
either using the water or place on a bed of natural Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Clear Quartz as these are natural battery chargers.

* Crystals can be placed in the sunlight or moonlight to recharge from natural universal energy.

* Large pieces can be buried in the ground for recharging but make sure you mark the place you bury them!
If you are drawn to crystals they can make a big difference to your life!!!

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