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Birth Stones
Crystal Uses
Chakra Crystals
Crystal Uses

AGATE ‘Fire Stone’ - Helps you to accept fate and strengthens body and mind.  Good for circulation, stress and energy.  Gives bursts of energy.


ABALONE - A variably coloured shell is beneficial for the muscles, the back and tissue regeneration.  For those who are excessively anxious


AMAZONITE ‘The Thinker’ - Soothes the nervous system, balances mind and body. Helps you to see your harmful traits and let go of them.


AMBER - Fights throat infections, aids asthma.  Beneficial for rheumatism, earache, bladder problems or nerves.  Helps depression and to lift suicidal tendencies.


AMETHYST ‘The Elevator’ - A powerful protector from negativity can help with grief, drunkenness, headaches and sleep.  Helps psychic attack.


AQUAMARINE ‘The Serene One’ - Helps to calm the nerves, fluid retention. Mental and emotional balancer.  Throat, stomach and toothache


ARAGONITE - Promotes flexibility, calmness, peaceful meditation, uplifts emotions.  Stimulates muscle activity, aids digestion and immune system.


AVENTURINE ‘The Delver’ - Is very much a brain stone.  Helps headaches, sleep pattern and sore eyes. Allays anxieties and fears.


BERYL - Helps with heart problems, liver trouble, mouth, stomach and throat infections.  Improves intellect, strengthens willpower.


BLOODSTONE - Good for the blood, oxygenates the system and enhances physical and mental vitality.  Helps the heart, spleen and reduces stress. Inspires creativity.


BLUE LACE AGATE - Breaks any kind of fever or infection.  Helps communication with self and others. Relates to throat area.


CALCITE ‘The Balancer’ - Various colours of calcite help to alleviate fear, lift mood and ground yourself.  Aids depression and bone


CARNELIAN ‘The Friendly One’ - Highly evolved healer helping kidneys, gallbladder and revitalising the blood. Good for ladies problems.


CHALCEDONY - Improves bone marrow, red corpuscles, spleen, and heart tissue.  Stimulates optimism and enhances spiritual and artistic creativity.


CHRYSOPRASE - Softens ego and arrogance. Can dispel nightmares.  Increases wisdom and self-confidence.  Can help focus the mind.


CITRINE ‘The Cuddle Quartz’ - Good for liver, kidneys colon and liver.  Helps heal scars and is a good tonic for depression.  Good luck stone.  Helps control


FLOURITE ‘The Gatherer’ - A powerful healer strengthens teeth, spleen and helps concentration.  Helps meditation and calms the over-excited!


GARNET - .Most frequently used as a general tonic for the whole body, physical, emotional and mental. Revitalises and strengthens.  Can help with circulation.


HEMATITE - To those it likes it will strengthen the body.  Helps to keep your head out of the clouds.  Blanches mind and body. Dispels fear of flying.


HOWLITE - Aids the digestive system and upper intestinal tract.  Opens the mind to new ideas.  Promotes new ideas and psychic development.


JADE ‘The Virtuous One’ - Its subtle and smooth vibration strengthens heart, immune system and increases fertility.  Aids the eyes and is a strong protector.


JASPER ‘The Talisman’ - Good for liver, gallbladder and bladder but is a slave for the whole body.  Good for blood disorders.


LABARODITE - Promotes depth of feeling, calmness, intuition and mediumistic abilities.  Helps colds and lowers blood pressure.


LAPIS LAZULI ‘The Night stone’ - Strengthens the thyroid and skeletal system brings vitality to the body.  Can be too strong for some people.


MANGANO CALCITE - Increases self worth and helps to let go of trapped emotion.  Its soft, loving energy will dissolve resistance.


MOONSTONE - A very feminine stone eases period pains and aids with child bearing and fertility.  A good emotional balancer that inspires wisdom and relieves excess fluid.


MOSS AGATE - For repressed sexual feelings and frustration of any kind!!  Can help with decision making and acceptance of physical limitations.


OBSIDIAN ‘Black Velvet’ - Its male energies attract the spiritual adventurer.  Aids stomach and intestines, clears subconscious blockages.


ONYX - For those who are unable to confront their emotions.  For concentration, heart trouble, ulcers and hearing problems.


QUARTZ - A whole body salve.  Master crystal can be used for any purpose and to recharge the energy of ‘tired’ crystals.  Strong battery charger!!


RHODOCHROSITE ‘Brave Stone’ - Blends courage, passion and willpower.  Helps to overcome emotional trauma and mental trauma.  Helps to find courage within.


RHODONITE - Encourages forgiveness, brings love and passion into action.  Strengthens friendships, promotes serenity and solves conflicts.


ROSE QUARTZ ‘The Love Stone’ - Helps fertility of mind and body and helps to let go of stored emotion.  Encourages self-love and the release of anger.


RUTILE QUARTZ - A very powerful healer cuts through a lot of mental and spiritual blockages.  Helps bronchial problems and asthma.  Eases depression.


SELENITE ‘The Rejuvenator’ - Helps with loss of fertility and sex drive! Relieves stress and enhances willpower.  Can ‘elasticise’ the skin.


SMOKY QUARTZ - Encourages tolerance, protection, grounding and is relaxing, bringing relief from stress.  Helps back problems, dissolves cramps.


SNOW QUARTZ - The most subtle crystal energy.  Strengthens the immune system.  Used in meditation gives serenity and powers if inner contemplation.


SODALITE - Clarity and truth are brought by the alleviation of fear.  Balances mind, body and spirit.  Aids the metabolism and insight. Asthma.


TIGER’S EYE - This quartz is beneficial for the entire digestive system.  Helps you to be brave and ease ‘bloody mindedness’. Gives clear insights.  Asthma


TURQUOISE - A master healer helps to absorb nutrients and strengthens the entire anatomy.  Helps tissue regeneration.  Brings peace of mind and dispels negativity.



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