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Healing - What is it

Natural or Spiritual Healing?

What is it?

It is universal energy, which can be channelled by individuals (Spiritual Healers) who have an ability that has been enhanced by training, to attune them to this energy. The Spiritual Healer is a channel for the inflow of the Universal energy, the source of which can be interpreted by individuals according to their own belief systems.

It does not intrude on anyone's belief system. It is a holistic therapy, which is safe and non-invasive. That means that it provides healing of the Body, Mind and Spirit - the whole person.

All our Healers have indicidual insurance and work to a Code of Conduct and Practice. Trainee Healers are only allowed to practice under the supervision of a qualified Spiritual Healer.

We also have qualified Healer/Counsellors who are able to offer a service to those in need. A small charge is sometimes made for this service (towards Church funds).

What Happens?

The Healer will only place their hands on your shoulders at the beginning and end of the session and at no other time. The Healer's hands will be placed slightly above the body at all times as the healing energy is directed to you.

They will suggest that you try to relax, and to assist this process soothing music is usually played. The Healer will move around your body to wherever they are drawn or where you have requested special attention.

You may feel heat or coolness, which comes from the palms of the Healer's hands. It is a very relaxing and soothing experience. The treatment usually takes in the region of ten (10) minutes.

Healing sessions are held on Thursday evenings 7.00pm to 8.30pm at the church.

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