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September, 2015

Mental Health Fundraiser for the Simeon Centre
In August we ran a fund raising evening to raise money for a mental health charity based in Bolton called the Simeon Centre.

The Simeon centre has offered a confidential counselling service, free at the point of need, for people living in and around Bolton since 1999. They are based within the Victoria halls in the heart of Bolton and currently have over 40 trained and qualified counsellors. Although the Simeon centre are doing a fantastic job, each appointment costs the service on average £30 and there are currently over 400 people within the Bolton area waiting for an appointment and support.

Our Funky Family Fundraiser was a lively evening with lots of dancing, smiles and happy memories made. Our Church President Susan Daubney and our congregation member Michelle Gaw participated in a sponsored head shave, raising lots of funds in sponsorship.

Our committee, congregation and friends, along with donations from generous companies and individuals have managed to raise a grand total of £1,800.20p! Thank you once again for your generosity, for more information on the work the Simeon Centre does please visit their website at http://www.simeoncentre.org.uk/


kind regards,

Siân Daubney

Vice President

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Farnworth Christian Spiritualist Church - Mental Health Fundraiser for the Simeon Centre
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