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What is philosophy?

It is something that a lot of people are worried about because they feel that they never understand it but anyone can give Philosophy!!

The dictionary definition is the study of the nature of the universe, or of human behaviour. When we think about Philosophy within Spiritualism it is spiritual law/teachings that we base it on although we use a lot of our own experiences to do this.

Philosophy can be as simple or as involved as you like although I would advise you to think about the way that Jesus taught. He taught in Parables (short stories) which people could understand on all different levels depending on their level of understanding. There was always a moral in the tale and this could be appreciated by all.

Some Mediums go very deep into Philosophy because they have a love for it themselves but they don't realise that:

a) a lot of people find it boring - they have only come for a message

b) they may be speaking on a level of understanding that is deeper than most people appreciate and so therefore they will 'switch off' and the energy needed for the service will not be created and they will then have to work all the harder to create it

c) if they kept the Philosophy short and simple that most people would understand it better.

You may not feel that you know much about spiritual law but just think back over what you have learned in life and you will realise that you know more than you realise. For example you could give philosophy on topics such as:

* Ethics
* Personal Responsibility
* Karma
* Mechanics of Mediumship
* Personal Development
* The Power of Thought

Remember that Philosophy is always given from a personal point of view and it will always be clouded by your own experiences.

This is really the beauty of Philosophy - by sharing your own beliefs and experiences you give someone an answer, which they have been searching for; for a long time!

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