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Physical Mediumship

All Physical Mediumship abilities are rare phenomena. Some people claim to possess them to such a degree that the invisible spirit-world can make itself temporarily visible by using the psychic life energies withdrawn from the medium and sitters in a séance.

Most physical mediumship involves the spirit world using and manipulating a substance known as ectoplasm: this is a semi-physical, spiritual life force or soul energy, which is withdrawn from the medium and the witnesses present at a séance.

Very few physical mediums are working today.  Physical forms of mediumship take a lot of development and there is not the dedication, or unselfishness, around these days to ensure the correct, very strict, development of the medium takes place and that a very strict séance protocol is adhered to.  This type of mediumship was also very open to fraud because of the pressure on the mediums to ‘deliver’ the results. 

A process whereby a spirit-person superimposes his or her features over the face of a medium. An 'ectoplasmic’ mask is created by the spirit entities that are controlling the séance. Into this mask spirit communicators press their features in order to be recognised by their loved ones on earth. This is a very rare phenomenon.

When ectoplasm is used by discarnate intelligences to create a full or partially formed physical body, spirit communicators can be seen by us: the spirit people have materialised or become physical, but for a short time only.  All materialisations must eventually de-materialise back into their original sources. This is an incredibly rare psychic ability.

Direct Voice:
This occurs when a spirit entity overshadows or entrances a medium, then takes control of his physical voice-box to reproduce his speech on earth.  The medium's larynx etc usually limits the quality of the voices. In Direct Voice, mediums usually have no knowledge of what is being said through them.

Independent Direct Voice:
The spirit people withdraw ectoplasm then 'create' a physical voice box through which spirit communicators try to speak.  Mediums are usually entranced throughout the proceedings, but some have remained conscious and joined in with the conversations.

These are physical objects that are de-materialised by spirit entities, carried across distances, and then re-constituted into their original state. All apports come from the physical world very few are created in the spiritual world.  If you have received an apport, then you, or someone in the vicinity, probably possess a degree of physical mediumship energy.

Cabinet:: A cordoned off area, or specific box, in which the energy necessary for physical forms of mediumship to materialise is concentrated in order for the séance to be a success.

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