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What do we mean when we talk about attunement? We mean the process by which we establish a link with the spirit world and this can be done in many different ways. One of the most common ways to establish this link is with prayer as it is something a lot of people do in their everyday lives and are familiar with. Familiarity gives the feeling of security and this is very important when undertaking any spiritual work.

Sit quietly and send out a prayer to Divine Spirit and your guides and ask that they be around you and that they will work with you. Ask for their guidance and protection as you work. At the end of the session you must say another prayer thanking spirit for all you have experienced because you will learn and grow from it.

After you have said your opening prayer (this can be in your mind or out loud) then you must sit quietly and relax. Slow the rhythm of your breathing and listen to yourself breathe. You must consciously raise your vibration towards the spirit world and this can be done by imagining a light coming from the top of your head reaching up towards the sky. The spirit personalities working with you will be at the same time lowering their vibrations and reaching down towards you, and closer to you in order that you can reach in the middle.

This needs to be done because the spirit world exists on a much finer vibration than ours does, our world is very dense to them and so you can understand why there is a need to meet in the middle.

Another way of establishing attunement is by meditation. Follow the guidelines you have been given for meditation and please DO NOT be tempted to do more than you can cope with.

The level of attunement can become so deep that you can reach a state called “Nirvana”, the ultimate state of being. It can make you laugh hysterically or cry uncontrollably with ecstasy, (I have seen someone do both at the same time!!). Nirvana is a state we rarely achieve unless we meditate very deeply, regularly.

You will know that spirit are linking with you and initially this can feel like a tingling sensation throughout the body (rather like sexual anticipation), pins and needles, tightness around the head, butterflies in the tummy to name but a few. Take note of anything that happens to you whilst you are working in this way, don’t dismiss anything. It is important that you recognise how it feels when spirit are with you and that you recognise that different guides will bring with them a different feeling when attuning to your vibration.

When you have been working with altered states of awareness and therefore working more deeply within your consciousness when you ‘come round’ afterwards you will feel extremely heavy due to the level of control that spirit have had over you and if you can appreciate how heavy you feel then spare a thought for the communicating personality who feels it even more than we do and need time to recover as well. The more experience you have, the quicker you will recover.

Always remember – it is your responsibility to close the link with spirit at the end of the session. SAFETY FIRST.

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