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The Aura


The aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds any living entity humans, animals, plants etc.  It is what holds the millions of particles that make up your physical body together and carries an imprint of every experience you have had to date, and what is just in front of you, rather like a psychic CD.


It can be seen by the physical eye, or clairvoyantly, and is seen as a myriad of swirling colour that is constantly changing.  People who read auras gain information from the colours they see, or sense, and can give information about illness that is just about to happen because of the darker colours, or blemishes, in the aura.  It is possible to gain information on the emotional, spiritual and physical condition of the person you are working with.


Many mediums that take the platform to give services are purely giving ‘psychic’ information, which they glean from your aura, rather than spiritual information.  It is important to be able to distinguish the difference between psychic and spiritual.  Psychic information on its own has little value; it is just a series of physical facts.  Psychic information should be the cement between the bricks of the contact, a cross-reference if you like.  If people are accepting the psychic information you give them they should be able to accept the spiritual.


There are several different layers to the aura, which you will learn about at a later date.  Information that is sensed rather seen is just as valid, be aware of any impressions that you have whilst attempting to see the aura.


How to see the Aura:


Find a partner to work with and sit opposite each other.  Look at a point to the side of their head (one of the easiest places to see the aura) approximately 3 inches away.  Sit calmly and relax as much as possible.


Relax your eyes, rather like going into a daydream state and keep looking.  You will probably hurt your eyes and have to refocus several times but just carry on.  If you start to see a colour do not be tempted to look directly at the person you are working with to see the colour better as anything you see will disappear.

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