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Introduction Course

This is a ten week course that covers the basics of awareness and different subjects within Spiritualism.  The course runs over ten weeks on Monday nights from 7pm to 10m and costs £50 for the entire course - a £10 deposit will secure your place.

During the course subjects covered will include, amongst others:-

Protection, Ethics, Discipline, Meditation, Attunement, Mechanics of Mediumship, Psychology of Spiritualism, Auras, Philosophy, Personal Development and more. Week 8 is dedicated to physical mediumship.  Although this is a structured course some content may be altered at the last minute depending on the needs / questions of the students but content will be equally valuable.

This course can be very big on personal development so you may get pushed emotionally and find yourself moving away from people by the end of the course that you were close to when you started. Your personal and spiritual development go hand in hand.

We ask EVERYONE to start with this course, irrespective of previous teaching as we would like the opportunity to get to know you and for you to get to know us.

The course tutors are on hand to help and support all students at all times.

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