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Services - What Happens?

What can you expect when you visit one of our services?  We are generally open about an hour before a service starts.  You can have a drink in our coffee bar or go straight through to church and sit in the calm, peaceful atmosphere or browse our crystal shop.  If it is a Wednesday or a Saturday then your £1.50 donation is collected in the coffee bar too.  When the service begins the chairperson will introduce the visiting medium for the night and we will have a couple of minutes quiet whilst we send out positive thoughts to people who are not well at the moment, then the medium will say an opening prayer and then we will sing a hymn. The chairperson will then hand over the service to the medium who may give a few minutes philosopy before going into the demonstration  of mediumship. Some mediums know immediately who they need to work with, others will give some information first and ask if anyone can understand it - once the 'link' (connection has been made then the medium will continue to work with that person for a few minutes until they need to move on to the next person.  Information will not be given that is of a private nature and people should be treated respectfully at all times.


Unless it is a 'special' service then it should last approximately 1 hour (specials last 90 minutes and have a higher donation and booking may be required in advance).  The notices will be given and the medium will say a closing prayer and the service will end.  The coffee bar is open after the service too as is the crystal shop if you want to stay behind for a chat.  The Divine Service on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm is essentially the same as the one described above but contains a couple of more hymns and a reading too and a freewill collection is made at the end of the service rather than collecting a specific donation in advance.


Please remember that information given during a service is to bring evidence that your loved ones are still around you and not to predict your future and that all mediums are different and that you will like some more than others so come along to different services before making your mind up about Spiritualism.  We look forward to meeting you.

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