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Rescue Work

FAQ about rescue work

What do we mean when we use the term "Rescue Work"?

We mean being able to help a spirit that has not progressed fully to the spirit world in the way that it should
have done.

How do we know about the spirits?

They can manifest themselves in a place that they had a strong connection to by leaving cold spot where the energy is being drained, by making noises or throwing things around, by making people feel uneasy, as if they are being watched. They could also come to the attention of anyone who is 'open' to spirit at any time and they can even communicate directly by speaking through a medium.

So how do we deal with this?

Firstly, it depends on the situation. If you are sat in a circle, class or similar situation and someone starts to
speak through the medium. Start to send positive thoughts of love and protection out to the medium. On no account whatsoever, unless invited to do so, must you touch the medium. They will be in an altered state and could be shocked if you touch them without permission.

How to communicate!

You should talk to the personality that is communicating and find out how you can help them. Ask them questions that will enable you to give them the help that they need. Encourage the personality to move forward to the light where their family/friends will be waiting for them. After the personality has made a safe transition send out a prayer for them, and also for the safe return to normality for the medium, and wait quietly until the medium returns to full consciousness.

Problems in a property

If a problem is reported in a home etc, at least two (2) mediums should go to investigate. Always look for a physical cause for phenomena before a spirit one. Find out who in the house is aware of the problems and if they are under any particular stress at the moment as this could have a bearing on the problem.

Look for 'cold spots'

The mediums will go into every room in the house to look for any 'cold spots' and see what they can pick up. They will not talk to each other until they have made a full investigation of the room whereupon they will share their experience. A prayer of blessing and protection will be said in each room, either silently or out loud depending on the need. If a spirit entity is discovered that used to live there, then they need to be persuaded that it is now someone else's home and that they should move towards the light, as previously described.

Last room to 'cleanse'

The last room to be 'cleansed' will be the main living area and everyone who is there at the time will be asked to join in with the prayers that are said. A white bubble of protection light is then placed around the entire house to complete the work done.

Never try it on your own!

Sometimes it is necessary to visit the premises on more than one occasion. Please, never be tempted to try to do this work on your own, always think of the safety first and ask people who are experienced enough to deal with it, to do so.

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