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Spiritual Gifts

Most mediums will use a combination of the three different gifts, mentioned below, although one of them will be more dominant than the others. The only way to become accustomed to them is to use them. Don't dismiss anything that comes into your mind when you are attempting to work mediumistically.

Do not be afraid that you are going to look stupid. The only way to know if what you are receiving is correct is to give it. No-one is going to laugh at you, they may laugh with you but this is another matter, and you will find that the more extraordinary or silly the information you are receiving is the better proof it is going to be.

Only time will give you the confidence to do this so do not worry about it.

Clairvoyance - Simply means 'clear seeing'. You may see images of spirit people inside your head in the same way that if I said to you think of a favourite photograph and look at the detail on it you would be able to do so. This is known as subjective clairvoyance because it is inside your own experience. Some people see spirit people just the same way that they see you and me with their physical eyes. This is known as objective clairvoyance because it is outside their own experience.

Clairaudience - Means 'clear hearing' and in a similar way you may hear words of spirit inside your head (subjectively) or outside your head (objectively). If I asked you to think of your favourite singer singing your favourite song and then to listen to them singing the words this would be subjective (inside). If you heard the words of spirit beside your ear like anyone else talking to you this would be objective (outside).

Clairsentience - Means 'clear sensing'. You would just 'know' the information spirit was trying to convey to you. You would be able to describe people from the spirit world down to the last detail without being able to see or hear them at all. It is like describing a picture painted in black on a blackboard. Have you ever had a very strong feeling that something was wrong somewhere else and later had confirmation that something was wrong at that time? This is the same kind of knowing as clairsentience.

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