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Public Speaking
  •     Speak clearly and slowly - this will help to build the energy
  •     Talk to the back wall - everyone needs to hear
  •     Have good eye contact with the congregation/audience - (feel valued)
  •     Dress appropriately
  •     Smile they won't bite!!
  •     Sound confident - people will believe in you more
  •     Admit you don't have all the answers but promise to find out
  •     Relax and enjoy yourself!!!

  •     Mumble - a lot of people are hard of hearing
  •     Dress scruffily - appearances matter!!
  •     Rattle keys or money in your pocket, it causes a distraction - (use a hankie if necessary)
  •     Look at the floor or the ceiling all the time
  •     Patronise - no-one knows everything!!
  •     Tell bad jokes - everyone will be embarrassed and you will lose the energy to work with
  •     Go to someone new at the beginning of a service (mechanics of mediumship)
  •     Bullshit/waffle - if you are unsure it is better to cut the link


Whilst working from the platform you are an ambassador for the Spirit World. People will hinge on your every word and whatever you project to the congregation is what they go away with.

Take time to think what impressions you receive from mediums working on the platform and learn from them. Always bring your ethics into play and be honest, if you feel you do not have a link with spirit it is far better to admit that and sit down than to try and pretend you have - you will come unstuck and it will shatter your confidence.

HomeMediumshipCrystalsServices and EventsThe ChurchNews and EventsSite Map