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Psychology of Spiritualism
Are you a different person than you were when you first became involved in Spiritualism? Why are you different? What is it that Spiritualism has given you that has changed you?

Belief in life after death gives us a sense of confidence that everything that is happening to us in our everyday life has a purpose, a meaning. We know that no experience in our life is ever wasted and this can sometimes help us to bear heavy burdens.

Our beliefs can:
  • Give us confidence
  • Help us to cope with grief
  • Help us to "grow" as individuals
  • Help us to keep things in perspective
  • Help us to treat people with respect and compassion
  • Help us to lose our fear of "dying"

Because we believe that we will be reunited with our family and friends one day; we are more accepting of death in general. That is not to say that we do not grieve, we just react differently to those who have no belief that we will all meet again one day.

We all miss the physical presence of our loved ones when they die but to know that we can see them in our dreams, or in meditation whenever we need to, can help to make that separation more bearable.

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