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Psychic Attack?

Psychic Attack or Self-Attack?

Let me begin by saying that the symptoms of the two are quite frequently identical and differentiating between self-attack and psychic attack based on symptoms is fruitless.

1.) Unexplainable insomnia, usually associated with anxiety and/or fear of some real or imagined imminent or impending personal harm or disaster. Sleep medications used in conjunction with this situation are usually of little or no value.

2.) Restless, even violent sleep, frequently with repetitive nightmares that frequently pick up where they left off if they are interrupted.

3.) Unusually high levels of anxiety or fear during waking hours, often severe enough to cause dysfunction in routine daily tasks. Anxiety and fear may be severe enough to cause panic attacks. Anxiety and fear may frequently have no apparent foundation in reality.

4.) Unfounded and unshakable deep bouts of depression, sometimes associated with serious contemplation of murder or suicide.

5.) Unfounded and constant, unshakable fatigue or exhaustion.

6.) Periods of unexplained mental and/or physical paralysis, sometimes associated with breathing problems which may or may not be associated with an unexplained feeling of heaviness upon the chest.

7.) Unexplained feelings of being stalked, sometimes associated with sights, sounds or smells which have no rationally explainable origin.

8.) Sudden and unusually frequent, severe rash of unexplained problems/accidents/injures associated with self, loved ones and/or close associates. These problems may be physical, mental, emotional, psychological, financial, or any combination of the above.

9.) In the most severe cases, the attack may even affect the physical function of muscles and organs of the body. The effects of this attack first manifest as a numbness/tingling in the feet, and begin to slowly move up the body, causing gradual catastrophic paralysis of the body as it moves ever closer to the total consumption of the body and ultimately death by paralysis of the lungs and heart.

Now you need to decide if this attack is coming from an outside influence or is it possible that it is originating from yourself?  Why would I deliberately set out to harm myself you may ask?  Not everybody is aware that they are the originator of the attack and not some outside influence.  The subconscious mind is very powerful and is capable of many extreme feats.

Now you need to remove the negativity from around you, and within you, which you can do by visualization techniques.  First of all you need to drain the area immediately around yourself by visualising the negativity that has been affecting you draining into the ground.  If a person’s face, or identity, or has been used as a focus for the attack then you will need to force the person’s face to disappear.  You can do this by ‘rubbing it out with a rubber’, exploding it as a mirror that is being smashed into a thousand pieces or simply by painting it out with light or with coloured paint.

You then need to visualise a bright white protective light surrounding you and flowing through your body.  Bathe yourself in this light just for a few minutes and then visualise around yourself a shield that builds from the ground to surround your entire body to the extent of approximately 2 feet.  This shield can repel any kind of attack.  (If you visualise the way that the shield comes up over Batman’s car you will have the right idea.)  This shield you will in the future be able to visualise and it will appear instantaneously.  Anything that is aimed at you will be able to be repelled by the strength of this shield.

If you are the originator of your own attack simply recognising this is the biggest step forward to dealing with it.  You can deal with it in the same way as described above once you have accepted that you were causing yourself harm.  Some people need the identity of ‘being a victim’ in everyday life and so will act like one.  We, as a race, can be our own worst enemies by placing unrealistic expectations on ourselves.  Another thing they can do to help themselves is to do some work with loving themselves and this will be the most powerful tool of all.

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