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Unwanted House Guest

Ghost or spirit?

The first thing to remember is to ask for help. There are guardians out there to help us with whatever we need. However, we need to invite them to help us in our lives. Just before you go to bed at night, or when you wake up in the morning just talk to them a little.  It doesn't have to be out loud it can be in your mind.  Just say to them "Dear Angels, please look after me tonight and in the days to come, I need your help at the moment.  Please send out some thoughts for my family and friends too and for all of those people in need of your care at this moment."  It can be anything as simple as that so that they can help you. Usually if you see a white feather not long after your request for this help it's just a little message from them to let you know they are there and helping.

Another very simple form of protection is to use visualisations, close your eyes, and imagine yourself surrounded by a very thick, strong bubble. (This bubble can be made out of anything you like, bricks, concrete, lead. anything.  Whilst you are in your bubble you cannot be harmed by anything that you do not want to let past its barriers. If you feel you are under attack by anyone or anything imagine yourself in this bubble. Nothing can harm you in here. Imagine the bubble is filled with a colour of your choice. I recommend gold, pink or green, both for love and spiritual energy.

Another way you can imagine this bubble working is to see the word "LOVE" coming towards you, and, as it reaches the bubble, it passes through to bring you love. Next see the word "NEGATIVITY" coming towards you, as it reaches the bubble, it simply bounces off of the bubble, reassuring you that you are safe. This bubble cannot be broken as your spiritual guides and helpers protect it.

You can also visualise yourself standing in an empty room, in a pool of water like a font. Visualise a mirror that comes out of the water to above your head height; it does this on all four sides of you and across the top also. This now means that you are encased in a cabinet of mirrors. Fill the cabinet with any colour light that you feel is relevant at the time, you are able to see out of the cabinet, but no-one is able to see in. Anything that is directed to you will be reflected back immediately to the person sending it so if someone is sending love, that is what they will get back, if someone is sending negativity, that is what they will get back too.

This is where a friend or a family member can help you. If you are unable to help yourself as you're too emotional or you need to help someone else be protected from this, you can imagine the bubble or cabinet for them.  In exactly the same way as described above, imagine the person in a big bubble or cabinet, fill it with your representation of love (usually in colour form). You can guard it with anything you like, as long as you're sending out the love for the person in it. Also you may wish to include the person in your prayers or ask your own angels if they can help at all.

Sometimes homes have the ability to capture and hold low negative energy. Negative energy manifests through thoughts and ideas and is expressed mentally, physically or verbally. This type of energy is trapped and can cause discomfort, arguments, illnesses, physical symptoms, mental symptoms or emotional symptoms for people living in the house. Once the energy is trapped, all who live within the house will be affected by this energy.

A home that has been occupied by negative spirits can influence and affect the people living there.  If you occupy a house that has a residual negative energy, the dark negative emotional energy can accumulate and influence the people living in the house. You can try to clear this by yourself, however if the spirit is too strong you may require the help of a spiritualist medium. (I would suggest contacting your local Spiritualist Church to find a reputable one).

If you feel the spirit is in your home / house and you would like them to move on, you could light a candle in every room one at a time (usually a white candle for purity and peace).  In each room you enter light the white candle and tell the spirit that is time to leave and to move towards the light. Tell the spirit that their loved one is waiting to greet him in the white light and tell them that their spirit guides are waiting for them to help them cross over. Once you have done this say a prayer of protection in every room to clear them of negative energy and visualise the rooms filled with any colour you feel is appropriate. If you are unable to do this and feel there is a presence still then please contact your local spiritualist church.

Now if you feel that a spirit is singling you out, or a negative entity is attacking you, you need to ask that entity to go away. Simply say in your mind or out loud "I appreciate your presence but I do not feel able to contact you or be of any help to you at this time. Your presence here is upsetting me and I would like you to leave me alone." This should be enough to see the spirit on its way.  Some spirits however pray on fear, and if you are afraid of the spirit it will just make it more persistent as it will feed off your fear (like draining energy from a bettery).  Please try not to be afraid of the spirit, as it cannot harm you. Tell the spirit that there are loved ones awaiting their arrival and once again if you are unable to deal with the problem, please contact your local Spiritualist Church.

Some people leave themselves open to spirit, as they do not know how to close themselves down correctly to stop spirit world contact. Whenever you feel that a spirit is affecting you personally you need to close down your awareness.  You can do this by visualising a ZIP running from the top of your head, down the front of your body, between your legs and to the base of your spine. If your awareness is open, your zip is open. So you need to visualise yourself closing the zip from the base of your spine, between your legs and to the top of your head. Once you have done this, turn your attention to something else and do not be drawn back to that energy.

If you do feel that you are still having difficulties then please contact your local Spiritualist Church and ask for their advice, they are the experts in this field and have people who are able to help in these situations. If we are your local church please use the Contact Us page to ask for advice.

Love, Light and Peace.

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